2013 New Website


WOW! A new refreshing website for our old friends and new clients to follow the NT Bird Specialists activities on. Our interactive facebook page will allow you to report your wonderful findings and add photos to our site. We look forward to hearing from you.

Our new website has been developed by Jacki Hull from Stimuli Marketing & Design on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. (www.stimulimarketing.com.au)

This is a good opportunity to review the history of NT Bird Specialists. Mike began doing the tours in 1999 when visitors to Mary River Park were asking for such tours.

Dr Max Findlayson and Mario Bellio Garcia were among the first visitors. They were amazed when Mike was able to find all the seven birds they asked for, including. Rufous Owl, White phase of the grey Goshawk, Great Billed Heron, Black Bittern, Pacific Bazza, Brolga and the Australian Bustard in a very small area near the Mary River and Mary River Wetlands.

Mike’s reputation spread from that day and the NT Bid Specialists business was begun.