Highlights of our tour with NT Bird Specialists

We did have a wonderful holiday on the four day Top End bird watching tour with Luke Paterson from NT Bird Specialists. We have made lots of wonderful memories and got lots of lovely photos of different birds that we had never seen before. Luke did know where to take us to see the best birds also for me to get the best photos. I am so glad we did your tour. We enjoyed our trip to the Mary River Wetlands and Kakadu National Park.  Luke was an excellent tour guide for us and has a passion for what he does, which is a bonus.  Thank you again.  It makes settling back into city life that much harder after enjoying everything the outback has to offer.

We wish to thank you all for a wonderful holiday. We have so many happy memories and photos. We’d love to go up the Top End again. Our tour took us to the Mary River Wetlands, the Kakadu National Park and the Savannah forests of the Pine Creek area. Our photos illustrate these different environments and the birds of each area.

Mary River Wetlands
The trip in this area featured visits to Fogg Dam and the Mary River, famous for both its birds and crocodiles.

Photo: Forest Kingfisher
Forest Kingfisher (640x480)
Photo: Magpie Geese on Wetlands
Magpie Geese on Wetland

Kakadu National Park
The Kakadu National Park is a home to some special birds. We were very fortunate to see the Rose-crowned Fruit Dove in the Escarpment country and the Azure Kingfisher on Yellow waters.

Photo: Escarpment
Kakadu Escarpment
Photo: Rose-crowned Fruit Dove
Rose-crowned Fruit Dove (640x526)
Photo: Azure Kingfisher

Azure KIngfisher
Photo: Yellow WatersYellow Waters July 2013

The Pine Creek area was very productive with good sightings of the Gouldian Finches in good numbers and the elusive Hooded Parrot.

Photo: Gouldian Finch
Gouldian Finches (640x615)

Photo: Hooded Parrot
Hooded Parrotts

We will enjoy reliving our memories with stories and photos to tell the tale over many years. Thank you Luke.