About NT Bird Specialists

Our one to ten day birding tours offer unique views of wildlife, cultural insights and brilliant photographic opportunities in iconic national parks and cultural landscapes of remote Australia.

Let NT Bird Specialists guide you on bird watching and photography tours around the ‘Top End’ of the Northern Territory and the Eastern Kimberley region in Western Australia. We seek birds and wildlife in the Darwin, Mary River, Kakadu and Pine Creek regions, and further a field in the Katherine, Timber Creek, Lake Argyle and Kununurra. Azure Kingfisher



Imagine yourself sitting by a waterhole in the middle of nowhere, 300 Gouldian Finches swoop down on mass, quickly drinking before taking off to make way for incoming Masked, Double-barred and Long-tailed Finches….

... This may sound like a dream, but it has been ours and could be your reality, when you join NT Bird Specialists on a 8 day "Finch Frenzy" tour. Gouldian-Finch-web


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