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NT Bird Specialists’ Scheduled Departures 2018
Tour DateDurationTour InterestTour NameGroup SizeAvailabilityPrice From (AUD)
1 Nov - 18 Dec
1 - 10 daysBirdwatching / PhotographyBirdwatching Tours or Nature/Bird Photography ToursNT / Outback QLD, Tourism Vouchers accepted1-10 GuestsYESEnsuite (twin share)TBATourism Vouchers accepted
19 - 19
1 dayBirdwatching and/or Bird Photography tour 1 Day Darwin Birdwatching Tour 'Sticky Beak'Seek & photograph Chestnut Rail, Rainbow Pitta, Rufous Owl and other Darwin favourites on our 1 day tour2-8 GuestsYESPer guest (group)$275Private 1-2 guests$695$229 extra guests