Roger Powell (Professional photographer) UK

Roger Powell came to visit Mary River Park as an independent traveler in 2004. He arrived in an old sedan car. This was not the best vehicle to use to get to the birding sites of this wilderness region! Mike suggested that he use the car as a bird hide and directed him to easily accessible sites where he could spend some hours waiting for the ‘right’ bird photo. You can view the resulting collection of photos on our gallery. It is a great snapshot of the birds of the area. It was wonderful to have Roger visit our special places and we thank him for the wonderful photos.

In 2005 Mike was honoured for the recognized for his skills when he won the Northern Territory Brolga Award for the Outstanding Interpretative Guide for the year.


Over the years Mike was able to provide tours for many international bird journalists and visitors. Several of these visits were well documented.

In 2004, George Millar wrote for the Cornell University Living Bird Magazine.

“Living Bird Magazine (published by Cornell University) sent me to Australia to write an article on the birds of Kadaku National Park and the Top End. I joined the Mary River Bird Festival with Mike Ostwald as the guide. Mike’s expert knowledge on the birds and their behavior and other wildlife of the region provided me with more than ample information and photographs for my article. Without his expertise of the wildlife and knowledge of the area, my article would have been incomplete. His first-hand knowledge of the culture of the area added an important element to the trip. His leadership, personality, and knowledge combined to make it a world-class tour. “