3 Day Luxury Gouldian Finch Charter May 2017

Luke was excellent in every way including going out of his way to find an optometrist for me on a Sunday so that we could find out if I could go forward with the tour (which thanks heavens I could).  The 2+ days birding with Luke was the highlight of my trip to Australia.  Luke persisted and found my most wanted bird, the Gouldian finch, as well as one I hadn’t even shared with him, Rainbow Pitta!   Plus we saw so many more. Luke’s ability to communicate interesting information about where we were traveling and what we were seeing and his interaction with us that made us feel at ease and allowed us to get to know him a bit.  (This is in contrast to other guides we have  experienced that lecture on topics and act as if they were full professors speaking to junior students).  

Myrlene & Richard, Virginia USA, May 2017