3 Day tailored charter “More than met our expectations” May 2017

Firstly, the tour more than met our expectations. Great birding over three days. You (Luke) made every effort to locate the birds and you usually did. Your acute hearing and bird habitat and behaviour knowledge was admired by both of us. We thank you for sharing your bird knowledge with us. We will certainly recommend you to our friends. Many thanks for a great experience. A number were ticket for us.  Highlights were many but for Celia a pair of barking owls roosting head height only 3 metres away and as if on command they both softly barked.  For John the Red Goshawk (male) at nest was a splendid sight.  For both of us the sight of Gouldian Finches (black & red headed) also will be remembered for years to come.  This was a well run tour with an excellent bird guide.  We can certainly recommend him.

       Darwin - Pine Creek/Adelaide River and environs 3 days  - John and Celia Saw May 2017

Bird List: Orange-footed Scrubfowl, Magpie Goose, Radjah Shelduck, Plumed Whistling-duck, Wandering Whistling-duck, Hardhead, Pacific Black Duck, Grey Teal, Green Pygmy-goose, Pink-eared Duck, Aus Grebe, Partridge Pigeon, Diamond Dove, Peaceful Dove, Bar-shouldered Dove, Tawny Frogmouth, Aus. Darter, Little Pied Cormorant, Little Black Cormorant, Black-necked Stork (Jabiru), Cattle Egret, Eastern Reef Egret, Little Egret, Intermediate Egret, Great Egret, White-faced Heron, Pied Heron, Nankeen Night Heron, Striated Heron, Straw-necked Ibis, Aus. White Ibis, Royal Spoonbill, Brown Goshawk, Red Goshawk, Black Kite, Square-tailed Kite, Whistling Kite, Black-breasted Buzzard, Brahminy Kite, Eastern Osprey, White-bellied Sea-Eagle, Wedge-tailed Eagle, Brown Falcon, Nankeen Kestrel, Brolga, Bush Stone-curlew, Black-winged Stilt, Red-capped Plover,Greater Sand Plover, Black-fronted Dotterel, Red-kneed Dotterel, Msked Lapwing Comb-crested Jacana, Whimbrel, Terek Sandpiper, Grey-tailed Tattler, Ruddy Turnstone, Great Knot, Aus. Pratincole, Gull-billed Tern, Whiskered Tern, Lesser Crested Tern, Crested Tern, Silver Gull, Red-tailed black-Cockatoo, Galah, Sulphur-crested Cockatoo, Rainbow Lorikeet (red collared), Varied Lorikeet, Red-winged Parrot, Northern rosella, Hooded Parrot, Pheasant Coucal, Channel-billed Cuckoo, Horsefield's Bronze Cuckoo, Little Bronze Cuckoo, Barking Owl, Azure Kingfisher, Forest Kingfisher, Sacred Kingfisher, Collared Kingfisher (Teresian), Blue-winged Kookaburra, Rainbow Bee-eater, Rainbow Pitta, Black-tailed Treecreeper, Great Bowerbird, Mangrove Gerygone, Large-billed Gerygone, Green-backed Gerygone, Red-browed Pardalote, Striated Pardalote, White-gaped Honeyeater, Yellow-tinted Honeyeater, Rufous-banded Honeyeater, Dusky Honeyeater, Red-headed Honeyeater, Banded Honeyeater, Brown Honeyeater, White-throated Honeyeater, Blue-faced Honeyeater, Helmeted Friar Bird, Little Friarbird, Yellow-throated Miner, Grey-crowned Babbler, Black-faced Cuckoo-shrike, White-bellied Cuckoo-shrike, White-winged riller, Varied Triller, Grey Whister, Rufous Whistler, Little Shrike-thrush, aus. Figbird, Yellow Oriole, White-breasted Woodswllow, Black-faced Wooddswallow, Little Woodswallow, Silver-backed Butcherbird, Pied Butcherbird, Spangled Drongo, Arafura Fantail, Northern Fantail, Willie Wagtail, Torresian Crow, Broad-billed Flycatcher, Leaden Flycatcher, Shining Flycatcher, Paperbark Flycatcher, Magpie-lark, Lemon-bellied Flycatcher, Mangrove Robin, Rufous Songlark, Yellow White-eye (Canary), Fairy Martin, Mistletoebird, Double-barred Finch, Long-tailed Finch, Masked Finch, Crimson Finch, Gouldian Finch (red & black head), Chestnut-breasted Mannikin. Other sitings: Agile Wallaby, Northern Water Dragon, Northern brush-tailed possom, Antilopine Wallaroo, Frill-necked lizard, Black flying fox, Freshwater crocodile, Golden Tree Snake, Feral pigs.