Dr Jean, Author/Photographer & Denise Léveillé, Canada

Dr Jean (author/ photographer) and Denise Léveillé came to visit Mary River Park in the Northern Territory in August 1999. They came especially for Mike to show them the birds of the Top End. See Jean’s photo selection on the gallery page.

Jean Léveillé writes a column on bird watching around the world for a French-Canadian Medical Journal. He is a Doctor of Nuclear Medicine, a bird photographer an author of bird photography books. The favourite photo is the one of Rufous Jack, the baby Rufous Owl, sitting on its nest with his mother watching nearby, which Mike was able to show Jean and Denise.

Rufous Jack became a trademark of the business and birdwatchers came from all corners of the world to see him. Mike even had a group of 29 Australian birdwatchers move in and out of a hide to see him sitting on the nest without any disturbance! A testament to Mike’s bushman’s skills and the patience of the visitors!

Through the years many birdwatchers had very special experiences with Mike as they marveled at his skill of finding the ‘right’ bird for them in this pristine wilderness environment.

In 2001,Shamada Tadashi and his crew, from Japan, arrived for a 6 weeks stay. They filmed the birds of the Top End for a TV production to be shown in Japan. ”Kakadu : Land of Turbulent Change”.

Mike’s knowledge allowed them to access the nests of many birds to get amazing footage. (Kakadu)